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Congregation-Based Military Ministry Programs


Congregation-based Military Ministry Programs are a step toward supporting active military and veterans of the current and past conflicts. These programs are fundamental to the success of the CareForTheTroops effort as they represent the primary participation vehicle for Congregations to participate in the CFTT Initiative and also and important element in qualifying as a Veteran Friendly Congregation. It is a very key way for spreading the word and connecting with military family members in need on a local level.

The set of programs is intended to address the entire extended family members associated with the person that is or has been in the military. The programs available and outlined on this website have the following goals:

  • Help the congregation members maintain an awareness of the existence and needs of those sacrificing their time and effort to support our country
  • Create an environment of acceptance within the congregation for any extended family member who worships or visits the congregation; acceptance of their needs (physical, material, and spiritual), and a willingness to join in their struggles, whatever they might be.

NOTE: The way the Ministry Programs are proposed, no faith has to act in any way like another faith ... no congregation has to act or have a Ministry like any other congregation ... it is completely customizable to each congregation's desire to act ... but being part of a larger networks helps build the network and allows us to share information among the active congregation that can help others learn what others are doing.

More information can be found below and updates regarding these programs will be posted as they occur. We also have posted two version of a presentation that can be used to lead a discussion of CFTT and the Congregation-Based components of this initiative to a group of congregation leaders and members.

Congregation Presentation     <-- PPT Format....Version 2 - Focus on Program Creation Process....PDF Format -->     Congregation Presentation

Here is a set of documents that together form a “packet” of information useful when discussing the VFC initiative. Please use these when speaking with clergy or groups of people interested is understanding the VFC initiative.

Related Information of Interest

Front Cover of the Military Ministry Programs Guidebook - CLICK on this to Download a PDF of the GuidebookDOWNLOAD A COPY OF THE PROGRAMS GUIDEBOOK - An overall Guide Book is available which helps a Congregation Leader set up a Military Ministry in their congregation. To access, print, and download this Guide Book you should click on the image on the left

This Guide Book is designed to help leaders of congregation_based military ministries and also leaders of Lead Congregations. The workbook-style was used to make it as easy and simple to understand the steps to follow and the elements to consider when bringbing CareForTheTroops to the local congregation level and to the surrounding communities.

The following individual programs are suggested in the Guide Book. However, these are just suggestions. We are welcome any new ideas and suggestions and certainly do not want you to give up any programs which your congregation may already have started. In fact, be sure to tell us about any!

Contents of the Guidebook

To give you an idea of what this Guidebook contains and how it can be helpful to you, we are showing below the Table of Contents as well as the opening, introduction letter to the reader.

The Table of Contents of the Ministry Programs Guidebook

Opening Introduction Letter

TO:                  Congregation Leaders

                        Military Ministry Leaders

FROM:             CareForTheTroops, Inc

SUBJECT:         Military Ministry Programs


This Guide Book is provided to assist congregations designated as Veteran Friendly Congregations (VFC) with their implementations of a Military Ministry Program within their congregations.  Additionally, it applies to those congregations who have chosen to be designated as Lead Congregations (LC) within their community.  VFC and LC detailed descriptions are provided in Part 3 of this document. This document is designed and intended for use as a worksheet as well as an information guide.


The purposes of the Military Ministry Programs are:

  • Help the congregation maintain an awareness of the existence and needs of those sacrificing their time and effort to support our country
  • Create an environment of acceptance for any extended family member who worship or visits our congregation.
  • Accept the physical, material and spiritual needs of military members, veterans and their families.
  • Provide an open hand to assist in their struggles.

The Military Ministry Programs are intended to be:

  • simple and straight-forward
  • low cost
  • adaptable within any faith-context
  • customizable to fit the profile and demographics of any congregation within any faith

Thank you for your consideration to implement a Military Ministry and earn for your congregation the designation as a VFC.  Let me also refer you to  where updates to this document can be found.  Additional information related to the programs can be found on any of the site’s web pages by clicking on the Red Menu item titled “Congregation Programs”.


One last comment, we have tried to use names in this document that are interfaith terms and terminology and not partial to any one denomination.  Should any instance occur where you feel that is not the case, please let us know and we will consider correcting it so as not to offend any faith or denomination.




Executive Director

CareForTheTroops, Inc.