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Stuff To Know - Main Page


This Stuff You Should Know page contains some very useful miscellaneous information for all categories of visitors to this site.

  • Clinicians should find this helpful in understanding the military culture and many of the issues that may be affecting their clients. It may help in developing treatment plans that address the issues presented by their clients.
  • Congregation and Community Leaders can gain an appreciation for what members of their communities are dealing with and better appreciate to whom they may refer for further treatment.
  • And of course, military personnel and their families can use the information to better understand how they can help themselves and seek help, especially when in the position of working with civilian support resources that do not have a background in the military culture that would be ideal.

This collection of information is arranged as individual pages giving you an opportunithy to print them out, download them, or just read them as they are. Please feel free to contribute to this collection. If you have a document to submit, please attach it to an email and send it to

Allison Lighthall's Collection: