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Military Acronyms


Part of any culture is the 'slang' or 'inside' language that members of the culture use to communicate with each other. The Military is certainly no different in this respect than any other culture. There are several sources of Acronyms that CFTT has found that should be useful to anyone interested in researching a word or expression they have heard but don't quite understand. All of us have been there at one time or another. Between these sites, you should find what you need in most cases.

In fact, if you wish to add to our list and know of an Acronym that is missing, feel free to go to the Contact Page and submit it to us. Some day, when time permits, we will try to consolidate the three sources below into one list and we can include your suggestion at that time.

Acronym Sources

What names do you refer to a military memnbers as based on which Service they belong to?

Army Soldier
Navy Sailor
Marine Marine
Air Force Airman

Here a short list of some very common terms with an emphasis on Army terms: