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Volunteer Information

Become a CareForTheTroops Volunteer

Volunteering is done at the local level. In fact, our goal is to have this initiative take root in both metropolitan as well as rural areas to maximize contact with returning verterans and their extended family members. So volunteers are needed throughout the State.

Volunteer GatheringThe number one and largest need for volunteers is for outreach to congregation and community leaders and organizations that will come in contact with members of military families, particularly civilian organizations. We need to touch as many of these leaders as they represent an established community network thru which we can communicate the information and help we have to offer. This outreach will help us arrange for congregation and community programs to get started which will elevate the awareness of the military in general among our civilian counterparts. It will also elevate awareness of the needs of the military families, especially their mental health needs.

Ultimately, we want to create an environment of acceptance for those military family members who may be in a location with a light, or even non-existent, military population. This is a far too common occurence with the high population of Reserve and National Guard now deployed in our war zones.

As a volunteer, you can start with your own congregation leader of the congregation your attend. Your Rabbi, Priest, Minister, Rector, etc needs to know the issues that may help them better support the military family members that are part of their congregations. Talk to them and suggest that you can help arrange a training session with he/she and their entire congregation leadership team. Contact us and we will work with you to make those arrangements.

Training ClasBased on your interest, other volunteer opportunities that exist are to help find research material for our web site; technical and non-technical web site content support; fundraising support; logistical support when we are involved in training and presentation events, especially large events, and administrative support of various kinds.

We suggest you contact CareForTheTroops directly thru an email accessed on the Contact Us Page of this site. Alternately you may know one of our trainers in your area. They too can also be found on the Contact Us Page. They can always use help in scheduling and connecting with congregation and community leaders.

CareForTheTroops, Inc., is a not-for-profit organization under section 501(c)(3) of the IRS code.
Donations are tax deductible to the maximum extent allowed by law.