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The Trauma Center at the Justice Resource Institute

At this website you will find information related to the work of Bessel van der Kolk, M.D., one of the world's foremost authorities in the area of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

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Sites to Consider with similar elements to CareForTheTroops Find volunteer opportunities on as well as links to resources that help military families and veterans. As the First Lady has said, only one percent of Americans may be serving in uniform, but each of us has a role to play in supporting our troops and their families. On, you can find out how to help. The First Lady and Dr. Biden have announced Joining Forces, a comprehensive national initiative to mobilize all sectors of society to give our service members and their families the opportunities and support they have earned. Brings attention to the unique needs and strength of America's military families. Inspires, educates, and sparks action from all sectors of our society - citizens, communities, businesses, non-profits, faith based institutions, philanthropic organizations, and government - to ensure veterans and military families have the opportunities, resources, and support they have earned. Showcases the skills, experience, and dedication of America's veterans and military spouses to strengthen our nation's communities. Creates greater connections between the American public and the military. A Local Atlanta Group. Veteran's Heart Georgia fosters the healing of veterans of all wars by attending to the spiritual and emotional needs of veterans, their families and our communities. They honor and support our veterans and their families by addressing the effects of war through a community-based network of services, resources and education. The ArtReach ModelT(Model) is a therapeutic approach that includes the integration of the creative arts used within a group setting that promotes a safe space. This Model carefully fuses visual art, drama, music, movement and writing within the group dynamics. These components are seen as functions of the imagination. Each of these components makes its particular contribution to the overall efficacy of the Model. The work of ArtReach, from the beginning, has been based on the assumption that creative, artistic, imaginative, and self-expressive activities are emotionally healing and promote positive growth and development. This assumption is well founded in concepts and observations of psychologists, educators, and specialists in human development. We believe these experiences are particularly helpful to individuals who have experienced extraordinary difficulties and challenges, and whose sense of the stability and rightness of their world and their social structures has been severely damaged.


NOT ALONE changed their name to COURAGE BEYOND in October 2013.

COURAGE BEYOND provides programs and services for warriors and families impacted by combat stress and PTSD. Their community is for everyone whose lives are affected by war. Warriors, families, friends, doctors, and more. They provide a 24-hour crisis line, which is available at 866.781.8010 to anyone in need. For more information, call 888.497.0379 or visit Connecting Servicemembers, Veterans, and their Families with Health Care Providers across the country. The CSSP Primary Health Care and Behavioral Health Provider Directory is a network of primary and behavioral health care providers who are trained in, or who have expressed an interest in serving the specific needs of military members and their families. To locate a primary health care provider or behavioral health provider near they have a US map to navigate to your location. A support Group...We are a group of mothers, wives, family members, significant others and caregivers of this country's heroes, our U.S. Veterans. We are here for you and we are here for each other. Consider us as an extended family who you can turn too for help and guidance. Located at 3500 Hog Mountain Rd Watkinsville,GA 30677 Provide Soldiers, Veterans and their Families from all of America's conflicts an opportunity to connect with horses and receive group level Equine Assistance Training. We strive to give OIF and OEF (Operation Iraqi Freedom, Operation Enduring Freedom - Afghanistan) and all Veterans the confidence to achieve long term individual and family success. We are staffed entirely by volunteers and are privately funded by your donations. 100% of your contributions go to providing support to those who need it the most. We are totally independent of, and not affiliated with, any other horsemanship program. State of Maine initiative to connect vets to EMDR clinicians Give an Hour non-profit providing free therapy to returning military A very informative site filled with all kinds of resources about PTSD and Trauma. It is not just focused on military trauma so it might be useful for other members of military families A non-profit started by Glenn Close, the actress, to inform and advocate for the treatment of mental health. BG Loree Sutton and a soldier are featured in one of the videos speaking about PTSD The Soul Repair Center is dedicated to research and public education about recovery from moral injury. They are based in Ft Worth, TX Supporting Our Troops by Helping the Families They Leave Behind Based in Atlanta, the Veteran's Center, is nonprofit organization dedicated to reconstructing the lives of homeless, disabled, and disadvantaged veterans. The Veterans Center values families that create caring communities with the purpose of fostering needs, pinpointing life directions, and focusing on future strategizing. Through fundamental collaborations with residents, agencies, government, and businesses, we have been able to serve over 1,000 veterans within the Atlanta Metropolitan Area since our beginnings in 2008. The Augusta Warrior Project, an Augusta, Georgia based not-for-profit organization with the mission to provide warriors (veterans/currently serving) and their families a model advocacy program in order to enhance their quality of life and capitalize on the Augusta region's ability to contribute to the warriors and their families. The groups objectives are: I - Inspire students to get involved in their communities; D - Demonstrate loyalty to our country and communties; E - Encourage active, positive and healthy lifestyles; and A - Assist our military and their families. Mission Overview -The Warrior to Citizensm (W2Csm) mission is to help returning soldiers and their family's transition from the front lines to the home front and deal with symptoms of post-traumatic stress. Warrior to Citizen's goal is to help soldiers face a variety of social, economic and mental conflicts that may arise after they return stateside and ensure any assistance or counseling is offered before trouble turns into tragedy. Our Military Kids provides substantial support in the form of grants to the children of National Guard and Military Reserve personnel who are currently deployed overseas, as well as the children of Wounded Warriors in all branches. The grants from Our Military Kids pay for participation in sports, fine arts, camps, and tutoring programs that nurture and sustain children while a parent is away in service to our country or recovering from injury., a user-friendly and visually appealing Department of Defense website designed by psychologists at the National Center for Telehealth & Technology, is dedicated to improving the coping skills of military youth in order to reduce stress and enhance their overall quality of life. The new "Tough Topics" modules for military children, their parents, and their teachers address the difficult issues of post-traumatic stress, physical injury, and grief and loss through animated graphic novels, testimonial videos by military kids, and topical expert videos. The Military Child Education Coalition (MCEC)'s work is focused on ensuring quality educational opportunities for all military children affected by mobility, family separation, and transition. The Military Child Education Coalition is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, world-wide organization that identifies the challenges facing the highly mobile military child, increases awareness of these challenges in military and educational communities, and initiates and implements programs to meet the challenges. MCEC's goal is to level the educational playing field for military children wherever they are located around the world, and to serve as a model for all highly mobile children. A page designed to help young adults and children understanding the U.S. military branches. This is how the page is introduced...The U.S. Military is an important service that helps to protect our country and keep it safe. Even when we are not at war, there are many functions that the different branches of the military perform. In order to be well-prepared for all possibilities, we have groups that are responsible for our land, water, air and even online. Let's read on to find out more about each of these branches. Strategic Outreach to Families helps Reservist families reduce their stress and prepare for the possibility that their Reservist or Guard member may exhibit symptoms of trauma from serving in a combat zone. The goal of SOFAR is to provide a flexible and diverse range of psychological services that fosters stabilization, aids in formulating prevention plans to avoid crises, and helps families to manage acute problems effectively when they occur. Our mission is to provide an online forum for our brave veterans to share their experiences and to educate the public on what life is like in combat from a first hand perspective. This site is dedicated to all past, present and future veterans of our Armed Forces. This site will give you a detailed look into what life in a combat zone is really like. Not only will you get battle stories but also a look in to daily lives of those in harm's way. This site was started after I got out of the Army and found it difficult to answer all questions of what it was really like over there. This site is open to any and all veterans who also want to share some of their experiences. Don't forget to check out the pictures and links page as well. A Black Rose: Campaign for Awareness
What is the Campaign? For too long, not enough has been done to protect the fighting men and women in our Armed Forces. It's time for us to show the nation that the brave people giving their lives for us shouldn't have to worry about being abused, harassed, stalked, or raped. These atrocities have gone on for years and have been brushed aside. That's why we've started the Black Rose campaign, a public and clear message to draw attention to this issue. Between now and Memorial Day 2011, we invite any servicemen and women who have been victims of abuse to request one black rose and one white rose that will be placed, on Memorial Day, outside of the United States Capitol Building. Each rose will be laid, one by one, with each person's name (or number, if they choose to remain anonymous) being read aloud. Invisible No More is a non-partisan coalition working to end sexual assault within the U.S. military and to help survivors of Military Sexual Assault heal. A page on a site that is dedicated to helping military families sell their houses. But this one page has a great many references sites about PTSD which can be very helpful. Joseph and Sarah Caring for Veterans, Inc. is a non-profit organization whose mission is to provide transitional housing and referral services for homeless veterans, that are located in the metro Atlanta area. In an effort to aid in ending homelessness among our veterans, our organization strives to assist fellow veterans in obtaining permanent housing, employment and life skills training. The Marriage and Family Counseling Collaborative (MFCC) is a partnership group designed to inform, educate, and support providers who work with military Service members and their families. They provide a number of resource guides which you may find useful: Domestic Violence Resource Guide, Family Support Resource Guide, Healthcare Provider Resource Guide, Continuing Education Resource Guide. Military Outreach of Greater Chicago (MOGC) exists to encourage, engage, educate and equip individuals and churches in the Chicago metropolitan area to provide a support role to active military, veterans and their families impacted by the invisible wounds of military service, aiding these heroes in their adjustment to civilian life. MOGC is a Christ-centered ministry network comprised of active military, veterans and their families in partnership with individuals and faith communities who have committed to serve our nation's soldiers. They encourage churces to become Military Friendly Churches.
Lots of webinars to help learn how to work with military familes. The NCTSN works to accomplish its mission of serving the nation's traumatized children and their families by:
  • Raising public awareness of the scope and serious impact of child traumatic stress on the safety and healthy development of America's children and youth.
  • Advancing a broad range of effective services and interventions by creating trauma-informed developmentally and culturally appropriate programs that improve the standard of care.
  • Working with established systems of care including the health, mental health, education, law enforcement, child welfare, juvenile justice, and military family service systems to ensure that there is a comprehensive trauma-informed continuum of accessible care.
  • Fostering a community dedicated to collaboration within and beyond the NCTSN to ensure that widely shared knowledge and skills become a sustainable national resource. The State of Virginia's Wounded Warrior Program. A Contact is Roger Schlimbach at email Address: Contact Phone: 540-220-4095
National Guard Sites National Guard Family Program Portal National Guard Deployment Pamphlet Georgia National Guard Georgia National Guard Family Support Foundation Illinois Warrior Assistance Program Home Excellent site for support info. Click on the yellow ribbon link Star Behavioral Health Providers (SBHP) is a resource for service members and their families to locate behavioral health professionals within Indiana with specialized training in understanding and treating military service members and their families. Those listed in this registry have completed a series of trainings that are intended to make them better able to understand, assess and counsel members of the military.
State of Georgia Sites GSPIN is your community web site for suicide prevention, intervention and aftercare information. This website has been created and maintained with a grant from Georgia's Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Disabilities, Suicide Prevention Program to address the specific problems of lack of centralized information, communication, sharing of resources, and need for support for regional/local coalition building, creating a linked network of resources and activities.

The goal is to create and maintain a network for information flow, creating awareness and education by connecting survivor families and the suicide prevention community to prevention, intervention, and aftercare services, resources, training and activities that are happening around the state

This site is maintained and updated on an ongoing basis. As it is your community website, we are always looking and posting local, regional and state information by survivors, coalitions, colleges, professionals, organizations and the suicide prevention, intervention, and aftercare community at large.,2197,1331549,00.html Georgia Military Affairs Coordinating Committee For info on the Army marriage enrichment program
Episcopal Sites The Episcopal Church in Georgia Diocese Military Ministry Home Episcopal Life Online - BOOTS Story
National and State Clinician Networks and Counseling Centers "New to VA," a helpful Web site for navigating the VA Georgia Association for Marriage and Family Therapy Home Page EMDR Primary website EMDR International organization EMDR Non-profit arm focused on providing training EMDR site, Foundation for Research and Exploration of Mind Motivation EMDR Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing Therapy The Fraser Center just outside Ft Stewart in Hinesville, Ga Samaritan Counseling Center of Northeast Georgia in Athens The Pastoral Institute, a Samaritan Counseling Center in Columbus Ga near Ft Benning Sites Focused on Providing Support Servies The Odyssey Counseling Center in College Park, south of Atlanta, offers new programs designed to support military family members Iraq and Afghanistan veteran peer support National Conference on Ministry to the Armed Forces-Scroll to denomination. National Veterans Foundation The Lifeline for America's Veterans™ US Health and Human Services Abuse and Mental Health Administration Hoursing and Mortgages for Veterans: Purpose of this guide: This guide will help veterans and active military to understand the benefits of, types of, and eligibility requirements for VA Loans VITAS Innovative Hospice Care© is committed to honoring those who have served America by attending to their unique needs near the end of life. Linking our disabled heroes to employment opportunities. Fisher House -- Helping Military Families Christian Reformed Church ->Our Ministries à Chaplain Ministries Paralyzed Veterans of America-research, education, information, advocacy. Paralyzed Veterans of America, a congressionally chartered veterans service organization founded in 1946, has developed a unique expertise on a wide variety of issues involving the special needs of our members – veterans of the armed forces who have experienced spinal cord injury or dysfunction. The ASPIRE recovery experience at Twelve Oaks treats those individuals who are seeking relief from the dual impact of substance abuse and traumatic experiences. The specialized track for Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) offers psycho education and intensive psychotherapy to those who desire and hope for a more balanced and stable life. In conjunction with the Twelve Oaks Treatment Program for Addiction, treatment for traumatic stress disorders enables the individual to look at the impact of symptoms associated with trauma experiences that are part of the addiction cycle.
Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) Sites
TBI National Resource Directory The National Resource Directory about TBI. Lots of information and articles and reports that may be very helpful Brain Book Life Management System, TBI related information and support info Program for Veterans with Traumatic Brain Injuries Easter Seals Easter Seals Launches Program for Veterans with Traumatic Brain Injuries Our mission is to be the most reliable, timely and complete resource on the internet for Closed Head Injury and other debilitating diseases. These injuries can be devastating, causing physical and emotional distress.
Sites Providing Job Search Assistance VetJobs makes it easy to reach transitioning military, National Guard, Reserve Component Members and veterans that have separated over the last several decades and are now productive members of the civilian work force in all disciplines, and their family members. VetJobs is a leading source for candidates with security clearances! VetJobs is available to assist ALL members of "The United States Military Family". This includes Officer and Enlisted, Active Duty, Transitioning Military, Reservists, Veterans, Retirees, of the Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Marine Corps, Merchant Marine, National Guard, Navy, NOAA and Public Health Service along with Trailing Spouses, Eligible Former Spouses, Widows, Widowers and Dependents and DOD civilians. Bradley-Morris, Inc. (BMI) is the largest military job placement firm in the U.S. We help employers hire military for their civilian positions, and provide military job placement services to job seekers who are undergoing military transition, and job seekers with military experience who have worked in the civilian sector. was created to offer an online recruiting solution for candidates that are currently transitioning out of the Military as well as military veterans with varying amounts of business experience. was formed by the owners of Bradley-Morris, Inc. to expand the scope of their business by offering an alternative and cost-effective means to recruiting military candidates. Since 1991 Bradley-Morris has specialized in placing military candidates in technical fields at Fortune 500 companies and is currently the largest placement firm specializing in placing military candidates. is a resource for current and future nurses. For those considering becoming a nurse, we have compiled various state education and certification requirements. In addition, we detail the salary history of nurses for every state. We also list the available nursing job openings across the country for various types of nurses. Online Medical Assistant Schools... Info about Online medical assistant programs. Provides an answer and resourcdes for the question - Where can I find information about medical & health care education and careers? was developed for both existing CNAs and those considering entry into the field. New potential CNA candidates can learn the state requirements for licensing and certification as well as find CNA training classes. For both new and existing CNAs, we list the most recent CNA job openings organized by city and state. strives to offer the most industry information possible, to help CNAs maximize their career potential. Masters In is an informational tool for students who may want to enroll in an online degree program to obtain a Master of Counseling degree. Top 30 Criminal Justice Programs of 2014 are listed. The schools below are ranked by tuition rates, graduation rates, and the number of degrees they offer.
Information – On Line College Information for Veterans and Active Duty To Consider Helpful information about on-line education resources. No matter if you are looking for a bachelor's degree or master's; business degree or nursing degree; is your one stop shop for all of the college information you are looking for to make a life-changing decision. They have collected a wealth of information from articles to videos to podcasts to help our returning heroes make a seamless transition to civilian life. The College Database was started in 2012 by Doug, Wes and Aaron. Our vision was (and still remains) to simply provide accurate information to ease the decision making process for post-secondary education for high school students, college students and adult learners such as veterans. From young to old, we look to serve those in the educational ecosystem to help make more informed decisions. With such a critical decision in life – what college or university to attend – we consider data integrity as a critical element of our value to our website visitors. Drawing only from reliable data sources such as the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. Census Bureau, American Fact Finder, The National Center for Education Statistics (NCES), and The Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System, we publish only data that is backed by the United States federal government. This site will help you find affordable online colleges and access to a number of guidebooks. The following appears on their website...“Distance learning is here to stay. Initially on the fringes of formal education, online colleges, courses and degree programs have quickly become mainstream. Even traditional campus-based institutions have incorporated online learning into their curricula. In 2013, seven million college students — nearly 50 percent of all those enrolled — took at least one online class, with an estimated 20 percent earning an entire degree program remotely. The Sloan Consortium reports that 74 percent of today’s academic leaders rate the educational outcomes of online learning as equal to or superior to those of face-to-face systems. More recruiters than ever before are embracing online credentials.”
Information – Miscellaneous Government and non-Government Sites Very helpful site where you can find access to most if not all of the VA resources. A one-stop shop experience for VA resources that was introduced in 2014. A link to the Department of Labor - Women's Bureau Guide for service providers treating homeless women veterans. Information on the Army's Suicide Prevention Program and Resources. Good info on support lines and resources. Improve readiness through the development and enhancement of the Army Suicide Prevention Program policies designed to minimize suicide behavior; thereby preserving mission effectiveness through individual readiness for Soldiers, their Families, and Department of the Army civilians. Veterans Voices on PTSD: Hear honest and candid descriptions from Veterans of what life was like for them with PTSD. A variety of Veterans-men and women, younger and older-share their emotions, actions, and symptoms; how they learned they had PTSD; and what they did to get on a path to recovery. The Department of Defense Report on TBI. March 7, 2012. This site contains a myriad of articles available for download. Traumatic brain injury is one of the invisible wounds of war, and one of the signature injuries of troops wounded in Afghanistan and Iraq. This American Forces Press Service special report highlights the Defense Department's efforts to care for wounded warriors suffering from this condition while promoting research to improve diagnosis and treatment. The Social security disability resource center provides information on the federal disability benefit programs, SSD (social security disability, mandated under title II of the social security act) and SSI (supplemental security income, mandated under title 16), in addition to answering questions about social security retirement benefits and providing resource links on topics such as medicare. The SSDRC is published, edited, and maintained by Tim Moore, a former disability claims examiner for the social security administration's disability determination services (DDS), as well as a former caseworker with a background in many federal assistance programs, including medicaid for disabled adults. Veterans talking to veterans about their post traumatic stress disorder and how treatment turned their lives around. That's the focus of VA's About Face program. More than 40 veterans share their individual stories on video covering several topics: (1) How they knew they had PTSD, (2) When they knew they needed help, (3) What treatment was like Virtual Ability, Inc. is a non-profit corporation based in Colorado, USA. Our mission is to enable people with a wide range of disabilities by providing a supporting environment for them to enter and thrive in online virtual worlds like Second Life® Operation Never Forgotten (ONF) is a national non-profit communications service that connects our military and civilian worlds through non-partisan public service announcements (PSAs). Outdoor advertising has been ONF's greatest messenger. Reviews and Discusses the Recommendations for Reporting on Suicide that were developed by leading experts in suicide prevention and in collaboration with several international suicide prevention and public health organizations, schools of journalism, media organizations and key journalists as well as Internet safety experts. The recommendations are based on more than 50 international studies on suicide contagion. Mental Health Disorder Treatment Guidelines and Consumer Guides Information for the identification of symptoms and signs of psychological disorders, and effective treatment and recovery. Guides contain expert consensus guidelines for treatments and resources including relevant studies. Very user friiendly access to the various symptoms. is a Non-Profit corporation dedicated to helping America's veterans heal spiritually from the trauma of war. The Founder of, Andy Farris, is a combat veteran who served in Viet Nam, and has a thirty-percent disability rating from the Veterans Administration for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Andy's work with Viet Nam veterans, over the past twenty-six years, as well as his own healing journey, provides him with a unique blend of personal experience and insights. Andy is putting his insights into action to help America's "wounded warriors" achieve spiritual healing from their war-induced trauma and PTSD. The mission of the Foundation is to employ the therapeutic qualities of fly fishing to help heal traumatically wounded warriors. WQW brings wounded veterans from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan to Montana for a six day program of fly fishing and recreation. Most warriors who come are still in rehab in the military hospital system. Once here, they have the opportunity to relax and to learn to fly fish in the quiet and beautiful surroundings of Montana and neighboring Yellowstone Park. Anyone who's ever felt the rush of seeing a trout rise to a fly can tell you, there's nothing else like it. It gives a sense of peace and a connection with nature, which can bring about physical, emotional and spiritual healing in a number of ways. For that very reason, Fly-Fishing for Vets was born. Fly-Fishing for Vets has joined with Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing a 501(c)3) nonprofit organization created to provide wounded warriors and their families with a bit of relief from the many stressful aspects of recovering from an injury or being permanently disabled. K9s For Warriors is dedicated to provide service canines to our warriors suffering from post-traumatic stress as a result of conflicts and war after 9/11. Service canines are a medically proven recovery aid for our warriors suffering from PTSD. Service canines are considered medical equipment and are recognized by the U. S. Department of Justice Civil Rights Division, and the American disability act of 1990. At K9s For Warriors, our philosophy is to involve the veteran in the training of their new service canine partner, allowing them the opportunity to be part of the solution to their recovery. Our academy is staffed by skilled certified canine handlers and trainers. Each academy is three weeks in length where the warrior learns the skills needed to train their own canines. We provide a service canine, training, certification, equipment, seminars, vet care, most meals, and housing, free of charge. Each warrior is responsible for their own transportation to and from our facility which is located in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida. Classes are limited to three to five warriors in each session. was designed to assist clinicians in the delivery of post-deployment healthcare by fostering a trusting partnership between military men and women, veterans, their families, and their healthcare providers to ensure the highest quality care for those who make sacrifices in the world's most hazardous workplace. Focus on active duty members and their family members. Includes a call in helpline. 2nd link shows the assessment tools used by the military for clinicians. This is the cite referred to in the spring 2009 DOD announcement on their efforts to reduce the stigma associated with PTSD. Our nation's greatest heroes - Medal of Honor recipients - speak out to save lives by encouraging America's military to seek help when adjusting to life after combat, particularly for post-traumatic stress (PTS). Vietnam War: Facts, Stats & Myths. Credit: Capt. Marshal Hanson, USNR (Ret.) and Capt. Scott Beaton, Statistical Source. The following information is presented “as is” as a public service. The officially-reported numbers and categories below cover American Vietnam War deaths by age group, branch of service, service component, type of death, reason for death, race, religion, sex, state/protectorate and deaths by war year (including post-war). The Army Wounded Warrior Program (AW2) External Link, Opens in New Window is the official U.S. Army program that assists and advocates for severely wounded, ill, or injured Soldiers, Veterans, and their Families, wherever they are located, regardless of military status. Soldiers who qualify for AW2 are assigned to the program as soon as possible after arriving at the WTU. AW2 supports these Soldiers and their Families throughout their recovery and transition, even into Veteran status. This program, through the local support of AW2 Advocates, strives to foster the Soldier's independence. Training material for Clinicians written by Pam Woll and used by The Clinical Pages of the Returning Veterans section of the National ATTC Network web site. These pages are by no means comprehensive, but they do contain a little information on each of many topics that are critical to the safe and effective treatment of returning veterans who have substance use disorders (SUD), post-deployment stress effects, and/or other related challenges (e.g., depression, anxiety). The Sidran Institute: Traumatic Stress Education and Advocacy. They try to help people understand, manage, and treat trauma and disassociation. A primary goal of Mental Health America is to educate the general public about the realities of mental health and mental illness. army-report on civilian-psychologists Suicide rates analyzed - High numbers found among members of Guard, Reserves Education Material Catalogue E-Learning Software and Authoring Tools Articulate Rapid eLearning Blog by Terri Barnes, military wife and mother of 3 The Origin of the VA Motto - Public and Intergovernmental Affairs Veteran Suicide: How The CBS News Investigative Unit Got The Statistics And The Story aims to offer the web’s best resource for finding online accredited colleges and universities. Attending college online can seem risky, and online degree accreditation is confusing when you’re just starting out in pursuing a degree. We are proud to host a searchable directory of online colleges and universities to let you find the online accredited colleges that fit your own educational needs. This blog entry provides a look at brain-healthy dietary supplements, activities, and social practices that can delay or prevent cognitive disorders and memory loss later in life.