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Presentation Material


Picture of TypewriterThese Presentations have been collected from various sources. Some may be useful in a "training context" but that is not the intent of these. Thay are intended for general interest, sometimes sentimental value, and sometimes amusement.

These are presented for information only. They are not intended to represent the opinions of the CareForTheTroops organization or any person associated with the CFTT organization.

If you feel you have a presentation to contribute, please forward it via email to and we will consider it for inclusion on this page.

To access an item, DOUBLE CLICK on the item and it will be presented to you in a separate screeen. To return to this web page from the document, you merely have to CLOSE that document window and the original list of documents will re-appear and you can access additional articles as needed.


  1. training_military_culture_101_AAPC_SE_Region_Kanuga_Conference.ppt
  2. lionhugsandkisseswoman.wmv
  3. cftt_congregation_programs_and_leaders_St Anns.pdf
  4. cftt_congregation_programs_and_leaders_Presbyterian Women 2010.pdf
  5. cftt_congregation_programs_and_leaders_Lutheran Synod Meeting_Oct2010_HANDOUTS.pdf
  6. cftt_congregation_programs_and_leaders_Lutheran Synod Meeting_Oct2010.pdf
  7. cftt_congregation_programs_and_leaders_Holy_Trinity.pdf
  8. cftt_congregation_programs_and_leaders_Calhoun.ppt
  9. cftt_congregation_programs_and_leaders_Calhoun SLIDES.pdf
  10. cftt_congregation_programs_and_leaders_Calhoun HANDOUTS.pdf
  11. cftt_congregation_programs_and_leaders_CBF STATE MEETING.ppt
  12. cftt_The Invisible Wounds of War - Lutheran Cluster Meeting.ppt
  13. cftt_The Invisible Wounds of War - Lutheran Cluster Meeting HANDOUTS 2perPAGE.pdf
  14. cftt_The Invisible Wounds of War - Lutheran Cluster Meeting FULL CHARTS.pdf
  15. cftt_Paving The Way Home Workshop DVD Version.ppt
  16. cftt_Military_Culture_101_FINAL.ppt
  17. cftt_Military_Culture_101_AAPC_SE_Region_Kanuga_Conference.ppt
  18. WeThankU.pps
  19. Warrior_Ethos.mpg
  20. Veteran's Project flyer--Healing Combat Trauma at Pastoral Institute.pdf
  21. Until we meet again - soldiers in Iraq.flv
  22. The Sack Lunches.doc
  23. Telemarketer gag.wmv
  24. Snowcar.wmv
  25. Peter Bauer Source-Warrior and Family Assistance Center_Overview_Brief_Oct_2009.pdf
  26. Peter Bauer Source-Spiritual_Injuries_of_War.pdf
  27. Peter Bauer Source-How_to_Help_Those_Who_Are_Returning_From_War.pdf
  28. Peter Bauer Source-Homecomings_community_Responsiveness.pdf
  29. Pathways_Community_Network_Overview.pdf
  30. Military Suicide Risk Assessment.pdf
  31. Merry Christmas from Bailey the Unknown Reindeer.flv
  32. Macon LunchTime.ppt
  33. LookAtTheWomen_sFaces.wmv
  34. KeepingItInPerspective.ppt
  35. IAVA IED explosion video.flv
  36. HealthTec 20090409 PTSD & TBI and The Returning Veteran A Primer for Health Care.pdf
  37. Funny Marine Landing.flv
  38. Fiat Commercial.flv
  39. Evil_Eye.wmv
  40. Dancing Airman Dean Tabresham.flv
  41. Caffeinated_spiderwebs.jpg
  42. Brunswick EMDR LunchTime.ppt
  43. Brunswick EMDR LunchTime.pdf
  44. Athens LunchTime.ppt

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