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Training Material


Picture of TypewriterThese Training Materials, both from CareForTheTroops and from miscellaneous sources, are provided for your reference and research use. You are welcome to download and use the material freely. We just ask that your make reference to CareForTheTroops as a source of the material, promote our Mission, and speak about our website (including the URL address) where more information and reseach material can be found. This material is not intended to represent the opinions of the CareForTheTroops organization or any person(s) associated with the CareForTheTroops organization.

If you feel you have training material to contribute, please forward it via email to cftt.hq@gmail.com and we will consider it for inclusion on this page.

To access an item, DOUBLE CLICK on the item and it will be presented to you in a separate screeen. To return to this web page from the document, you merely have to CLOSE that document window and the original list of documents will re-appear and you can access additional articles as needed.

Training Material from CareForTheTroops Sessions that can be downloaded

  1. cftt_perry.ppt
  2. cftt_perry HANDOUTS.pdf
  3. cftt_congregation_programs_and_leaders_template.ppt
  4. cftt_congregation_programs_and_leaders_template.pdf
  5. cftt_congregation_programs_and_leaders_overview_template_jan2011.ppt
  6. cftt_congregation_programs_and_leaders_overview_template_jan2011.pdf
  7. cftt_congregation_programs_and_leaders_St Anns.pdf
  8. cftt_congregation_programs_and_leaders_CBF STATE MEETING_Nov2010.ppt
  9. cftt_congregation_programs_and_leaders_CBF STATE MEETING_Nov2010 HANDOUTS.pdf
  10. cftt_congregation_programs_and_leaders_CBF STATE MEETING_Nov2010 FULL CHARTS.pdf
  11. cftt_congregation_programs_and_leaders_CBF STATE MEETING 2009 HANDOUTS.pdf
  12. cftt_The Invisible Wounds of War Workshop template Nov 2010.ppt
  13. cftt_The Invisible Wounds of War Workshop template Nov 2010.pdf
  14. cftt_Paving The Way Home Workshop_Nov_2009.ppt
  15. cftt_Military_Culture_101_SUICIDE CONF_2011 FINAL.ppt
  16. cftt_Military_Culture_101_SUICIDE CONF_2011 FINAL.pdf
  17. cftt_Military_Culture_101_SUICIDE CONF_2011 EXTRA HANDOUTS.pdf
  18. cftt_Military_Culture_101_SUICIDE CONF_2011 CHART HANDOUTS.pdf
  19. cftt_Military_Culture_101_LPCA_2011 FINAL.ppt
  20. cftt_Military_Culture_101_LPCA_2011 FINAL.pdf
  21. cftt_Military_Culture_101_LPCA_2011 EXTRA HANDOUTS.pdf
  22. cftt_Military_Culture_101_LPCA_2011 CHART HANDOUTS.pdf
  23. cftt_Military_Culture_101_LPCA_2010_AUDIENCE_HANDOUTS.pdf
  24. cftt_Military_Culture_101_FINAL_PRESENTER_NOTES.pdf
  25. cftt_Military_Culture_101_FINAL_HANDOUTS.pdf
  26. cftt_Military_Culture_101_FINAL_AUDIENCE_HANDOUTS.pdf
  27. cftt_Military_Culture_101_FINAL.ppt
  28. cftt_Military_Culture_101_Evaluation_Form.pdf
  29. cftt_Military_Culture_101_Evaluation_Form.doc
  30. cftt_Military_Culture_101_AAPC_SE_Region_Kanuga_Conference.ppt
  31. cftt-training-ranksofficer.pdf
  32. cftt-training-ranksenlisted.pdf
  33. cftt-training-glossary_of_military_terms_john_mundt.pdf
  34. cftt-training-glossary_of_military_terms_alison_lighthall.pdf
  35. cftt-training-glossary_of_ military_terms_rivervet_website.pdf
  36. cftt-training-glossary_ of_military_terms_essential_learning_online_course.pdf
  37. Terry Sandhoff-Returning Veterans Ministry Feb 2013.ppt
  38. TRICARE South Provider Agreement 08-2005.pdf
  39. TRICARE LPCA Dear LPC-MD Oversight ltr.doc
  40. TRICARE Application Revision - 052107.pdf
  41. Samaritan - Handout - cftt_phamplet.pdf
  42. Samaritan - Handout - VFC Military Ministry Programs Guidebook.doc
  43. Samaritan - Handout - VFC List By Faith.pdf
  44. Samaritan - Handout - VFC Approval Letter.pdf
  45. Samaritan - Handout - Resource List CFTTorgStMonicaFlyer.pdf
  46. Samaritan - Handout - Information-warning_signs_war_veterans.pdf
  47. Samaritan - Handout - Example BulletinCFTTMayFinal14B.pdf
  48. Samaritan - CareForTheTroops Workshop.ppt
  49. Samaritan - CareForTheTroops Workshop AUDIENCE HANDOUTS.pdf
  50. Samaritan - Article- Moral Injury vs PTSD.pdf
  51. Samaratin - Article- After Iraq A Story of Love War and Faith.pdf
  52. Rincon warning_signs_war_veterans.pdf
  53. Rincon cftt_The Invisible Wounds of War - St Lukes Rincon v02.ppt
  54. Rincon Workshop print page.pdf
  55. Rincon Workshop actual page.pdf
  56. Rincon Veteran Friendly Congregation Approval Letter.doc
  57. Rincon St Lukes cftt flyer 2.pdf
  58. Rincon Evaluation Form - Congregation Workshop.doc
  59. Rincon Congregation_Programs_V3.7.doc
  60. Rincon Article-20090301 Redbook After Iraq A Story of Love War and Faith.pdf
  61. Richmond Hill cftt_The Invisible Wounds of War at St Annes.ppt
  62. Richmond Hill cftt_The Invisible Wounds of War at St Annes HANDOUTS.pdf
  63. PI - Handout - cftt_phamplet.pdf
  64. PI - Handout - VFC Military Ministry Programs Guidebook.doc
  65. PI - Handout - VFC Military Ministry Programs Guidebook Table of Contents.doc
  66. PI - Handout - VFC List By Faith.pdf
  67. PI - Handout - VFC Approval Letter.pdf
  68. PI - Handout - VA Atlanta Hospital Spirituality week release Oct 20-23.doc
  69. PI - Handout - Resource List StMonicaFlyer.pdf
  70. PI - Handout - Resource List CFTT Georgia.pdf
  71. PI - Handout - Information-warning_signs_war_veterans.pdf
  72. PI - Handout - Example Bulletin StMonica Memorial Day.pdf
  73. PI - Coming Home STD card 2014 (2).pdf
  74. PI - Coming Home Flyer.pdf
  75. PI - CareForTheTroops Workshop.ppt
  76. PI - CareForTheTroops Workshop AUDIENCE HANDOUTS.pdf
  77. PI - Article - Sometimes its a Long Way Home - Texas Episcopal Liturgy.pdf
  78. PI - Article - Moral Injury vs PTSD.pdf
  79. PI - Article - After Iraq A Story of Love War and Faith.pdf
  80. Military Culture and Treatment 101 Workshops FLYER.doc
  81. Judicatory Summit on Veterans HANDOUTS.pdf
  82. Judicatory Summit on Veterans FULL CHARTS.pdf
  83. JFCS-Workshop Description May 2014.doc
  84. JFCS-Jewish Family and Career Services Workshop - Unspoken Wounds.ppt
  86. JFCS-Handout - Resource List Georgia May 2014.doc
  87. JFCS-Handout - Ratings Schedule.pdf
  88. JFCS-Handout - Jewish Family and Career Services Workshop - Unspoken Wounds.pdf
  89. JFCS-Handout - Causes of Concern Extra Charts.pdf
  90. JDTR CareForTheTroops presentation Military Culture 101 JDTR Unspoken Wounds.ppt
  91. JDTR CareForTheTroops handout-warning_signs_war_veterans.pdf
  92. JDTR CareForTheTroops handout-cftt_phamplet PRINT 2-SIDED.ppt
  93. JDTR CareForTheTroops handout-VFC approval letter.doc
  94. JDTR CareForTheTroops handout-10_things_you_should_know.pdf
  95. JDTR CareForTheTroops handout VFC List By Faith.pdf
  96. Fraser cftt_The Invisible Wounds of War.ppt
  97. Fraser cftt_The Invisible Wounds of War.pdf
  98. Fraser cftt_The Invisible Wounds of War - AUDIENCE HANDOUTS.pdf
  99. Fraser Handout-Warning_signs_war_veterans.pdf
  100. Fraser Handout-20090301 Redbook After Iraq A Story of Love War and Faith.pdf
  101. Fraser Center's cftt flyer.pdf
  102. Brunswick emdr_weekend_flyer.pdf

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Highlighting One Particular Web Site for Training Material

CFTT came across the following web site and feels it bears particular attention. GiftFromWithin.org has been in existence since the mid '90s; its focus is Trauma and PTSD from all causes, not just military. There is a very valuable collection of reference and training material, podcasts and webcasts. We highly recommend you allocate some time to look over this site and consider it a resource for on-going reference.

Click Here to go to the GiftFromWithin web site

Here is a brief description of the site in the words of Dr Frank Ochberg, “We started Gift From Within in 1993 with the intention of giving trauma survivors, their loved ones and supporters a credible online website that was friendly and supportive. PTSD is real and we wanted to explain the condition without being too technical or too superficial. Gift From Within believes that persons with PTSD and related traumatic stress syndromes deserve the same respect and support that individuals and families suffering the impact of cancer, heart disease and stroke receive. At least 10,000,000 Americans have experienced some form of PTSD. Gift From Within was founded to help provide this support.

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Clinician Training Guide from Pamela Woll, MA, CADP, of the Great Lakes ATTC Network (Addiction Technology Transfer Center)

Click Here to go to the Clinical Pages of the Returning Veterans section of the National ATTC Network web site. These pages are by no means comprehensive, but they do contain a little information on each of many topics that are critical to the safe and effective treatment of returning veterans who have substance use disorders (SUD), post-deployment stress effects, and/or other related challenges (e.g., depression, anxiety).

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Training Material from Miscellaneous Sources that can be downloaded

  1. Training-Wounded Warrior Family Retreat Flyer April 2011pdf.pdf
  2. Training-War_Wrkbk12-05 Dr Joel Brende.pdf
  3. Training-VHG_flyer_for_Jan_30 2010 Ed Tick Event .pdf
  4. Training-VHG_flyer_for_Jan_26 2011 Ed Tick Event .pdf
  5. Training-Understand_PTSD.ppt
  6. Training-Understand Trauma Workshop at Kennesaw State 2001-11-09.pdf
  7. Training-The Military Culture_Duckworth_062008.doc
  8. Training-The AAMFT Wins Inclusion of MFTs in Military Health System_030905.doc
  9. Training-TAPS ORG-Grief Trauma and Loss Preventional Strategies for Practicioners and Caregivers.pdf
  10. Training-Systems of Care in the Army_Jenkins_062008.doc
  11. Training-St Lukes Rincon GA cftt flyer 2.pdf
  12. Training-Reducing_Stigma_for_American_Military_Personnel.ppt
  13. Training-PESI Flyer Combat Stress and Trauma in Returning War Vets and Families.pdf
  14. Training-Meeting Marriage and Family Therapy Needs_062008.doc
  15. Training-MFTs Are Eligible for Champus and Tricare_031708.pdf
  16. Training-Lynda Ruf_EMDR for Professionals Overview_short version-1.ppt
  17. Training-Jim_Vaughn_PosT_Traumatic_Stress_Disorder_and_Traumatic_Brain_Injury.ppt
  18. Training-Healing Spiritual Wounds Seminar in Augusta in Septmeber 2010.pdf
  19. Training-Front Lines to Front Lawns - Veterans Conference Jan 19-20.pdf
  20. Training-Family Violence Among US Military Families_Clinical Implications_062008.doc
  21. Training-EMDR_defensementalhealthconference 200806.ppt
  22. Training-Clyde_Angel_VA_Hosp_The_Shattered_Soul.ppt
  23. Training-Center for Deployment Psychology Atlanta Metro Area - January 2011 - Brochure.pdf
  24. Training-BattlemindTraining_II.pdf
  25. Training-BattlemindTraining_I.pdf
  26. Training-Back_from_Iraq_FACS Blaine Everson.ppt
  27. Training-ArtReachFall2010.pdf
  28. Training-ArtReach Workshop April 2 2011.pdf
  29. Training-ArtReach Troops and Veteran Workshop April 15 - 16.pdf
  30. Training-Announcement - Paving the Way Home_Veterans Affairs_.pdf
  31. Training-Alison_Lighthall_MILITARY_PSYCHOLOGY_101_90 min.ppt
  32. Training-Alison_Lighthall_10_things_in_10_minutes_v7.ppt
  33. Training-AJPopky_DeTUR PP.ppt
  34. Training-AJPopky_DeTUR PP Text.pdf

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