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CareForTheTroops Media Kit


The files listed below are part of the CareForTheTroops Media Kit. Should you want something else, please feel free to contact us through the Contact Page information and we will try to be as responsive as possible.

To access an item, DOUBLE CLICK on the item and it will be presented to you in a separate screeen. To return to this web-page from the document, you merely have to CLOSE that document window and the original list of archived documents will re-appear and you can access additional articles.

  1. header_225px_indexpage.jpg     
  2. header_150px_otherpage.jpg     
  3. emdr_weekend1_flyer.ppt     
  4. cftt_short description.pdf     
  5. cftt_phamplet.ppt     
  6. cftt_phamplet.pdf     
  7. cftt_operations_overview_022809.pdf     
  8. cftt_operations_overview.jpg     
  9. cftt_one page description.pdf     
  10. cftt_executive_summary.pdf     
  11. cftt_congregation_programs_and_leaders_template.pdf     
  12. cftt_congregation_programs_and_leaders_overview_template.pdf     
  13. cftt_affectedsystems_picture.jpg     
  14. cftt_The_Invisible_Wounds_of_War_-_congregation_leaders_template.ppt     
  15. cftt_Military_Ministry_Description_v11.pdf     
  16. cftt_Military_Ministry_Description.pdf     
  17. cftt_2011 Corporation Annual Registration.pdf     
  18. cftt_2011 Corporation Annual Registration Invoice.pdf     
  19. cftt_2010 Corporation Annual Registration.pdf     
  20. cftt_2010 Corporation Annual Registration Invoice.pdf     
  21. Military Culture and Treatment 101 Workshops FLYER.doc