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CareForTheTroops Newsletters

Picture of TypewriterIntroduction:

These are the archived copies the CareForTheTroops News emails. As you can see they are done “almost” monthly. These are PDF copies of them and can be accessed by double-clicking on any item and you will be presented with the document that you can print or save to your computer.


  1. 2013_09 Care ForTheTroops News- June 2013.pdf     
  2. 2013_06 Care ForTheTroops News- June 2013.pdf     
  3. 2013_05 Care ForTheTroops News- May 2013.pdf     
  4. 2013_04 Care ForTheTroops News- April 2013.pdf     
  5. 2013_02 Care ForTheTroops News- February 2013.pdf     
  6. 2013_01 Care ForTheTroops News- January 2013.pdf     
  7. 2011_10 Care ForTheTroops News - October 2011.pdf     
  8. 2011_09 Care ForTheTroops News - September 2011.pdf     
  9. 2011_08 Care ForTheTroops News - August 2011.pdf     
  10. 2011_03 Care ForTheTroops News - March 2011.pdf     
  11. 2011_02 Care ForTheTroops News - February 2011.pdf     
  12. 2011_01 Care ForTheTroops News - January 2011.pdf     
  13. 2010_12 Care ForTheTroops News - December 2010.pdf     
  14. 2010_11 CareForTheTroops News - November 2010.pdf     
  15. 2010_09 CareForTheTroops News - September 2010.pdf     
  16. 2010_07 CareForTheTroops News - July 2010.pdf     
  17. 2010_06 CareForTheTroops News - June 2010.pdf     
  18. 2010_04 CareForTheTroops News - April 2010.pdf     
  19. 2010_03 CareForTheTroops News - March 2010.pdf     
  20. 2010_02 CareForTheTroops News - February 2010.pdf     

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At the end of 2011 and for 2012, we decided to stop the detailed newsletters in the earlier format as shown above. Instead, we began to “push” emails out every 6 to 8 weeks showing the Events and Trainings that are listed on the CareForTheTroops Calendar. We urge you to visit this link and participate in the trainings available as often as you can.

In 2013 we have resumed sending out newsletters in a revised format to those that are on our mailing list.

Please consider joining adding your email address to our email list by using the icon shown on the right side of this webpage.