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Program Overview - Mental Health Professionals


Thank you for your interest in the CareForTheTroops program. CareForTheTroops needs therapists with an interest and passion to support the needs of our military veterans and their families. CareForTheTroops is dedicated to that cause. For clinicians like yourselves we hope to provide needed information and tools to help you provide care and therapy to your military clients. We follow the belief that if you are better prepared to address the needs and nuances of the culture of your military clients, they will get better care from you.

Therapist and Client caricature Where do Mental Health Professionals fit into the CareForTheTroops plan?

There are number of areas in our plan that involve mental health clinicians.

  • You should attend training about the Military Culture to prepare yourself for working with military families. Training offered by CareForTheTroops or by other organizations are accepted. This topic has become a key topic for many association conferences and professional training organizations.
  • If not already trained in the treatment of significant trauma, we urge you to consider getting EMDR training which is one of the treatment techniques approved by the VA for trauma.
  • If you have received training and/or if you already have a military background or experience working with military families, please enroll right away with CareForTheTroops so that you can get listed on our web site database. This will make you visible to referral sources that access our web site. Our strength will be in our numbers!
  • You may also consider being a CareForTheTroops Trainer. We need a cadre of trainers (20+) to cover the State including the less urban areas of the State where many National Guard and Reserve units and their families are located. The Cadre will train clinicians, community leaders, social service providers, and congregation leadership teams on the Military Culture, what triggers to look for, and how to either treat the people in need or refer them to the right resources. The intent is for the Training Cadre to be funded positions. Compensation will be based on a budgeted number of presentations to specific target-audiences, the time allocated for the presentation, and a mileage reimbursement to and from the presentation sites. Education material will be provided by CFTT as well as copying and supplies costs. The Trainers are expected to assist with the scheduling and arrangements of the presentations. (NOTE: Funding for these activities is not yet fully in place.) If interested in being a Trainer, please use the Contact Page information, or send an email directly to

Woman Therapist listeningYou can use this site to find information that may be helpful to you. It is meant to be a resource center for clinicians to help you in your work. We refer you to the red RESOURCE LIBRARY menu button on the left side of this page to find reference material, presentations, and other items of interest. Training material and presentation material will be archived here and updated as soon as possible after it gets identified or created.

There is information about various mental health treatments available (see the “Stuff You Should Know” menu item on the left, 2nd button down). With our therapist database, you can find someone to refer a person to if you are not already familiar with treating a military family member or dealing with trauma treatment. It will be someone who has taken the time to receive training on the military culture or they themselves have service background in the military. Please note that your usual referral sources may not be the best choice for someone dealing with issues associated with the military if they do not have any background with the military culture. .

To learn more about our program, please click here and go to our
more detailed Program Overview description.

CareForTheTroops hopes you find this site worthwhile and valuable.