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Program Overview - Community Leader, Employer, Social Service Provider


Family sitting on the front steps of their homeNearly 54% of those serving overseas are from Reserve and National Guard Units. This means many will be returning to communities where the military does not maintain a significant presence. And let's not forget the spouses and children who have remained Stateside while their wives, husbands, mothers, fathers have been deployed. Also, let's also not forget the family menmbers (parents, grandparents, siblings). It is the local communities that need to be prepared to accept these veterans back into their midst.

Where do Community Leaders, Employers, and Social Service Providers fit into the CareForTheTroops plan?

Picture of Coffee Cup and Saucer, a welcoming imageYou can choose to arrange for training of members of your organization that will help you understand the background issues, some key information about the military culture, and be able to better work with, understand, and accept back the military veteran and their family members who you encouter in your daily routines. Additionally, this information and training should help you recognize the triggers of significant mental stress, whereby you may become the “intervention” point for someone in the military family getting the help they need.

We need as many civilians in our communities to understand the issues involved and be able to recognize how best to help our veterans and their family members. You can use this site to find information that may be helpful to you especially if you are already concerned about someone. There is information about various mental health treatments available (see the “Stuff You Should Know” menu item onthe left. With our therapist database, you can find someone to refer a person to. It will be someone who has taken the time to receive training on the military culture or they themselves have service background in the military.

To learn more about our program, please click here and go to our
more detailed Program Overview description.

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