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Program Overview - Military, a Family Member, or an Extended Family Member

Image of a Military FamilyIntroduction

The total focus of the CareForThe Troops effort is to help the Military Member or the Family Member, or a Member of the Extended Family get help if they need it; and assist via education and training so other people in the civilian population can recognize if you are in need of help so they can intervene in as positive a manner as possible.

Where do you fit into this plan?

Image of Father and DaughterYou can use this site to find information that may be helpful to you or to one of your family members, especially if you are already concerned about them. There is information about various mental health treatments available (see the “Stuff You Should Know” menu item onthe left. With our therapist database, you can find someone who has taken the time to receive training on the military culture or they themselves have service background in the military.

If you are hesitant to visit a trained mental health professional at this time, please show and discuss the material on this website to one of your relatives, a friend, or someone on your congregations leadership team. There are so many people out there that want to help!

To learn more about our program, please click here and go to our
more detailed Program Overview description.

CareForTheTroops hopes you find this site worthwhile and valuable.