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Our Partners


CareForTheTroops is very proud of the quality, capabilities, and support of our Partners. CFTT has aligned itself with some very good Partners who have been chosen for specific strategic reasons in order to accomplish our Mission. This page is intended to introduce you to them and explain the strategic nature of each of these Partner relationship in our overall plan.

Training Development

Fraser Counseling Center

The Fraser Center is a non-profit Counseling Center located in Hinesville, Georgia. It sits right outside the gates to Ft Stewart, one of the largest military installations and continues to grow to size. The majority of the Fraser Centers clientele and therapy work is with Military Families, mostly active service families. Their expertise in understanding the Military Culture and helping CareForTheTroops stay abreast with the current trends is unquestionable. An update as of early 2014 is that they have a new Executive Director but our relationship remains with the previous Executive Directior, Alan Baroody. What remains though is the expertise that we did receive from 2008 into 2014 that has been incorporated in much of our training material and website content.

Mental Health Providers

EMDR Clinicians of GA

Veterans of the current conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan are experiencing unprecedented rates of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). CareForTheTroops wants to expand the number of therapists who understand trauma and have received training in a technique to address trauma. EMDR as discussed in more detail on the EMDR page of this web site is one of four(4) treatment techniques approved by the VA. EMDR lends itself to being a rather mobile technique that can be learned more quickly and in easy training conditions with not many logistical issues to cause delays or excessive costs. CareForTheTroops feels it is the treatment with the most practical chance of success in spreading to both metro and rural parts of the State. As of the end of 2008, there were 240+ clinicians in Georgia who have received at least level 2 training. They are spread out in many areas of the State where needed though not all areas are sufficiently represented yet.

Marraige and Family Therapists (GAMFT)

CareForTheTroops realized that not all persons in need will be suffering from PTSD. There are a myriad number of issues that will arise and if CareForTheTroops is going to help and make a difference, then we need to be prepared to list in our database therapists who can handle all these additional issues. A Marriage and Family Therapist (MFT) is specifically trained to handle a wide range of individual, marriage, and family issues as described on the MFT page of this website. Additionally, Tricare recognizes MFT under their coverage and an MFT does not have to have the supervision of a M.D. which is required for an LPC. These reasons, along with the fact that there are already 750+ MFTs spread across the State, made partnering with the GAMFT Association and appropriate choice.

Inter-Faith Congregation Outreach

CareForTheTroops intends to be an Inter-Faith organization. We feel that the best way to leverage information to those in need is through the existing faith networks. A study done in late 2008 found that nearly 70% of those seeking mental health support for speak about the need with their congregation leader. So, CareForTheTroops feels that by directing part of our education to these Congregation Leadership Teams we will be helping direct knowledge of the Military Culture to those that can use the help and it will result in better mental health referrals in the long run. So far, the faith networks shown below have commmitted their support to our organization. Over time we expect this list to grow. (If you have a contact with the leadership of any network not listed below and are willing to help us make that contact, please go to our Contact Page and send us an message who you know and that you are willing to help.)

Episcopal Diocese of Atlanta

          Contact is with Bishops Neal Alexander and Keith Whitmore

Episcopal Diocese of Georgia

          Contact is with Rev Canon Frank Logue primarily and indirectly with Bishop Scott Benhase

The Presbytery of Greater Atlanta and Presbyterien Women

          Contact is with Executive Presbyter Rev Penny Hill

The Archdiocese of Atlanta

          Contact has been with Archbishop Gregory and Kat Doyle, Director of Justice and Peace Ministries

The Georgia Cooperative Baptist Fellowship

          Contact has been Coordinator Frank Broome and Rene Bennett

The Lutheran ELCA Southeast Synod

          Contact has been with Bishop Julian Gordy and Michelle Angalet, Assistant to the Bishop, Steve Bullock, Lay Representative