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State of Georgia "Paving The Way Home" Veteran's Initiative
Volunteer Information and Registration

Click Image to Dowload the St of GA Pave The Way Home Booklet PDFIntroduction:

The State of Georgia's Paving The Way Home Veteran's Initiative has developed 6 Action Areas.. To accomplish these Action Areas in the timeframes needed to benefit the many military families that reside in Georgia, volunteers are required as soon as possible.

Information about the 6 Action Areas is contained on this web page. Please read over them carefully and consider volunteering your time to this very worthwhile cause. To submit your name and contact information for inclusion on any of the Action committees being formed or to ask a question about your volunteering, please use the form below

These Action Areas-and many of their recommendations-have implications for multiple disciplines and systems of care, further underscoring the need for collaborative effort. The fact that there is no separate category called "Families" reflects three realities: 1)Family members' needs are often inseparable from those of their service members and veterans; 2) As long as families are relegated to a separate category, our society continues to run the risk of marginalizing them and neglecting their needs; and 3) Service systems must find integrated ways of addressing the needs of service members, veterans, and families. This web page presents the specific goals recommended at the Statewide Meeting, organized under the six Action Areas. The purpose of the Action Area Committees that you might volunteer for is to clarify, prioritize, and do the planning to carry out these recommendations.

THANK YOU and we look forward to working with you!

Vonshurii S Wrighten, M.Div., MAC, Adult Program Specialist
Georgia Department of Behavioral Health and Development Disabilities

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State of Georgia Pave The Way Home Committee Calendar



State of Georgia Pave TheWay Home Training Calendar

A Brief Overview of Georgia's Paving The Way Home Six(6) Action Areas

star Action Area 1 - Increasing Access to Services

Includes policy development, networking, referrals...    

star Action Area 2 - Training and Education of Service Providers

Includes dissemination of information and the training of counselors, community partners...    

star Action Area 3 - Outreach and Stigma Reduction

Includes families, incarceration, substance abuse...    

star Action Area 4 - Peer Support and Training

Includes peer/family education, peer based housing, ongoing recovery support...    

star Action Area 5 - Expanding services, including advocacy and Federal Recovery Coordinators (FRC's)

Includes screening, treatment, ongoing care, and follow up...    

star Action Area 6 - Veteran Workforce Development

Model programs, remaining barriers, training and education...    

Completing and submitting this form will automatically send an email to both to us; the copy to you will contain the information you just completed. We can't promise to respond to everyone or to respond in a timely manner, but we will review each email sent to us. Meanwhile, if you feel you need to contact someone before you hear back from us, please feel free to call 404 657-1686 or email:

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